The Carl-Erik Fröberg Prize
for Young BIT Authors

The Prize is given in even numbered years to a young  author of a distinguished paper published in BIT Numerical Mathematics. The paper must have been published in the most recent two-year period prior to the year of the award. At the beginning of that period the age of the author must have been 35 years or less.

Starting as a Nordic Prize, the prize is now since 2006 open to young BIT authors of all nationalities. The sum for the 2018 prize is EUR 5000.

The Prize has been given as follows:

2018Georg Muntingh, Oslo, NorwaySymbols and exact regularity of symmetric pseudo-splines of any arity, DOI
2016Emil Kieri, Uppsala, Sweden Accelerated convergence for Schrödinger equations with non-smooth potentials, DOI
2014 Allan Antti Antero Perämäki, Aalto, Finland Convergence of a numerical solver for an R-linear Beltrami equation, DOI
2012 Sheehan Olver, Sydney, Australia Fast, numerically stable computation of oscillatory integrals with stationary points, DOI
2010 Andreas Asheim, Trondheim, Norway A combined Filon/asymptotic quadrature method for highly oscillatory problems, DOI
2008 Andreas Rössler, Darmstadt, Germany Runge-Kutta Methods for Ito Stochastic Differential Equations with Scalar Noise, DOI
Espen Robstad Jacobsen, Trondheim, Norway
Anna-Karin Tornberg, Stockholm, Sweden
2002 Stig Faltinsen, Oslo, Norway
2000 Knut-Andreas Lie, Oslo, Norway
1998 Jussi Rahola, Espoo, Finland
1996 Hans Munthe-Kaas, Bergen, Norway
1994 Ulla Miekkala, Espoo, Finland
1990 Per Christian Hansen, Lyngby, Denmark
1988 Gunilla Kreiss, Stockholm, Sweden

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